Is kindness so rare in the galaxy?

Some might say yes. Truth is, no, but it's always under threat. People carve out the best lives that they can, and little sanctuaries exist all over, but when resources and space are as limited as they have come to be in Ingenseria, not everyone can live in a sanctuary.

Some say there's a shining beacon of hope out there that has a way to breach the gap between galaxies, but few on the outside know much about it besides its apparent advancement and glamour.


"The Vigil", they call it. It has a longer name, but few know it. At most, one might refer to it as the Last Vigil.

A collective of species, apparently having rummaged something from the spatial detritus of the galaxy deep in the Scar, where, for fear of the spatial anomalies that blight it after a harrowing event long ago, few were willing to tread.

Something that, by their tales, promises to open up a path to new galaxies, and finally put an end to the overpopulation.

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