FURRY oc post 

i forgot about this little gag in an old terraria world i have. read the first image then look very closely in the second

yeehaw here's another oc post COMBINED with a writing post, this is orrari, a paladin! pastebin.com/iJdFs0Mf and here's a little story about her and a shithead eldritch king

oc post! 

eye contact selfie 

ok now i'm actually a little impressed with myself so here's one more small brag because rarely do i get to brag

"we need someone with experience with computers :)"

me: this

"sorry what we mean is we need someone who has an arbitrary amount of time in this entry level job we mean"

oc post, also related to my new icon, meet Claire Vesmela, a collective of souls inhabiting the most powerful magi on the planet

credit to @FaeLaDeeDa on twitter!

eye contact selfie 

'nother OC post! this one is from the excellent @extinct !!! they were super fast, responsive and friendly throughout the whole process and their price is really really good!! check em out!

some more

boosts encouraged!! also sorry i keep taking the same fuckin picture of myself but there are few angles from which i look good

more undefined 

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