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ME: what? the land of the rising sun? no, i said we were going to the land of the WRITHING sun.

YOU: [looks out the window of the airplane to witness the unfolding of reality; like creation unburdened by law, it is almost as if in its infinite disorder you can witness the relief of a world unshackled from petty rules, of creation relieved of all that would hold it back, and indeed, the sun writhes uncomfortably dimly in the sky]

YOU: aw man i wanted to see tokyo

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what if our natural inclination to scream when incurring grievous injuries is because screams have healing properties? has anyone tried to scream onto their own wound until it heals? try it!

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Popular animal "horses" is a actually a hoxe. It was developed by . in 1995

There is onl one specimen of horse, which manifests everywhere. There is only one horse. There is only

one horse, when you can see it. actually move back and forth in space to trick our eyes into believing th
ere are multiple h

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Who let the dogs out?

Me. I did it. I'm seeking asylum in Russia right now because the United States government had been keeping the dogs under lock and key for far too long.

The public wants dogs, needs dogs, DESERVES dogs, and the United States government was preventing YOUR access to dogs. I was the one who let the dogs out, all those years ago, and such is the US' fervent hatred of my fight for freedom that only now do I feel safe finally taking credit for what I did.

So now you know.

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My name is Sleve McDichael, and I am going to make my final home run.

I step out into a cornfield, lit by the stars, in full baseball regalia. I wind up my bat, determined gaze trained on the sky.

Thousands watch with bated breath, as the light streaks towards my position. I tighten my grip, and shut my eyes, and take the only swing I get.

With a loud crack, the meteorite is sent back, and I meet my end in a shower of burning splinters and molten rock... a hero, and a legendary baseball man.

hey does anyone know the best way to get windows 10 pro that isn't paying for it? would i be better off pirating it or buying it from some key sellers? i think i asked this before but i forgot the answer oops

if dragons in skyrim use their voice to project power, then i guess you could say the fire breath shout involves a lot of 

what do swords and shrimp have in common? 

the computer parts are just sitting in my closet. taunting me. calling to me, to put them together. i am sorry my children. your Bones are still weeks away.

honestly tho for real it's gonna be so freeing. i love warframe but i can barely run it on minimum settings and it's laggy most of the time and running it on the vallis or plains is so unpleasant. soon i will be able to run it on max settings and not be host migrated every other mission

like is there any good case for paying $180 for a windows 10 pro license legit or should i just fucking pirate it

question for you pirateers out there: is there literally any reason not to pirate a windows 10 license (other than the obvious inherent but manageable risks of pirating)

listen pal, i started with 206 bones and i've kept 205 of them. so yeah, i'd say 'i'm doing pretty good.

if dragons in skyrim use their voice to project power, then i guess you could say the fire breath shout involves a lot of 

if it is a food that is capable of nourishing you? fuck it. that's all your major food groups right there. all one of them

there is only one major foodgroup. and it is food. all food is in a group, called food. it is whatever the fuck you want to eat. fuck the system

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